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West Bloomfield, Michigan


Zerona in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Are you frustrated by stubborn fat pockets that persist despite regular diet and exercise? Are you looking to slim down and tone up without invasive cosmetic surgery? Then come to Dr. Michael Gray and Skindeep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan to learn more about Zerona treatment.

How it Works

The Zerona laser works to treat problematic fat areas that don't respond well to diet and exercise. The laser is designed to cause fat to dissipate and leave your body through detoxification. Zerona treatment at Dr. Michael Gray and Skindeep Spa is non-invasive and non-surgical. You can come in for an appointment and resume your regular routine without having to spend days recovering afterward. And although Zerona generally requires multiple treatments, with proper follow-up care, its results are often long-lasting.

It's time to start feeling better about the shape of your body. For more information about Zerona treatment or to schedule a consultation at our welcoming West Bloomfield, Michigan medical spa, call Dr. Michael Gray and Skindeep Spa today.